Time to Grow Up: Vertical Gardening

Come join us Wednesday November 14 at 1:00.  

277EF630-D81E-4467-8CBD-93A051683B45Joann Weaver will presenting-    “Time to Grow Up : Vertical Gardening”



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Spring and Autumn Bulbs

Come join us on Wednesday October 17 at 1:00 p.m.

Jackie Burkey will be presenting  Spring and Autumn Bulbs.


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Clements & Munsinger Garden Tours

Our Garden club visited these wonderful gardens today.  We had a great day!

If anyone is in St. Cloud, it is definitely  worth the stop.

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Monthly Meeting – May 16, 2018

It’s Garden Club time!

The Crosslake Area Garden Club will host Burma Brekke on Wednesday, May 16th at 1 p.m. Burma’s presentation topic is: “Bits and Pieces about Gardening.” If you enjoy having your hands in the dirt and other horticulture activities, be sure to head to Crosslake on the 16th.

All are welcome! Meetings are held at Crosslake Community Center at 14126 Daggett Pine Road.

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Join Us Wednesday April 18

Shelly Boser from Landsburg Nursery will be presenting to our garden club Wednesday April 18 at 1:00 p.m.  Her presentation will be “Lawn and Ornamental Grasses and Care” We meet at the Crosslake Community Center.  Come join us!  Spring will come!

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Landsburg Nursery Gardener’s Calendar

landsburgLandsburg Nursery has a Gardener’s Calendar with lots of gardening tips for each month.

General Spring Season Tips
  • Begin feeding bulbs with liquid fertilizer as they emerge from the ground.
  • Remove dead leaves from Hostas.
  • Prune summer flowering shrubs in early spring before new growth, since they usually bloom from new wood.
  • Finish dormant pruning of ornamental trees.
  • Remove black-knot swellings on plum, chokecherry, and cherry trees.
  • Remove Tree wrap from trees.
  • As weather allows, remove winter mulch from roses, perennials and bulbs.
  • Divide and replant overgrown perennials.
  • Prune hedges and summer flowering shrubs, i.e., Annabella Hydrangea, Currant and Potentilla. Check for winter snow damage and prune out broken branches.
  • Till flower and vegetable garden soil and add composted cow manure, peat moss or composted leaves.
  • Fertilize spring bulbs when foliage emerges.
  • Plant frost-tolerant pansies and Johnny-jump-ups for early spring color.
  • Apply fresh mulch around trees and shrubs for weed control.
  • Fertilize trees and shrubs with osmocote. We recommend slow release fertilizer.
  • Wait until the ground is frost free before removing mulch. If temperatures rise early in the season remove part of the mulch, but leave 2-3 inches.
  • Till or spade the soil deeply; if desired add a slow-release flower garden fertilizer.
  • Cut back ornamental grasses.
  • Remove rose cones.

For more gardening tips, please visit: Landsburg Tips

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New Website Feature

SpringFlowerA list of Horticulture Sites has been added to the right sidebar of the Crosslake Area Garden Club website.  Hopefully, with suggestions from club membership, this list will continue to grow.  The list will appear on each page of the website — so no matter where you are in the site, you will have access to the list.

If you have a suggestion for the list, please contact the club leadership or the webmaster.  If desired, you can use the Contact Us tab located in the right side of the menu bar.

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February 21st meeting of Crosslake Area Garden Club

Come and join in with the Crosslake Area Garden Club on February 21st at 1:00 for a presentation by  Jennifer Knutson : “Add Color to Your Landscape with Flowering Shrubs and Fruit Trees.” The presentation will be held in the Crosslake Community Center located at 14126 Daggett Pine Rd in the Crosslake City Park.  It is home to the Parks and Recreation Department and the Crosslake Area Library. 
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The University of Minnesota Extension Crow Wing County Master Gardeners would like to invite you to Save the Date! to attend their annual educational event.


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The Painted Lady Butterflies are here.

Painted lady butterflies have been fluttering all around us for several days.

Farmers, though, started noticing the butterflies about a month ago.

Painted ladies often lay their eggs in soybeans. When those eggs become caterpillars, they feed on soybean foliage. Farmers refer to them as thistle caterpillars, because they prefer to eat thistle-type crops.

Enjoy the painted ladies while you can.

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