Starting Seeds Indoors – Birds and Blooms

For those of us in the Midwest with the itch to get in our gardens, we can scratch that itch by digging in some dirt now.

Our growing season is so short that it’s nearly imperative to either get a jump start from a nursery that has done the work for us, or start some seeds indoors. I have space in my basement, but use any space you have. You’ll need to be able to keep the seed temperature between 70 and 85 degrees. The cooler it is, the slower the germination.

Now, I’ve been around online and have found that “seed starting kits” have a wide price range. And frankly, most cost more than I want to spend. You really only need a few things.

Supplies you’ll need: Seeds | Trays | Lights | Nutrient-rich Soil | Water | Timer (optional)

For more information, please visit: Starting Seeds Indoors – Birds and Blooms

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