Standing Committees

Program Committee: The Program Committee shall be chaired by the vice president and consist of two to four members. They are to meet in June or July to develop a set of programs for the following year and have them confirmed by September.

Coordinator: The ‘Coordinator of the Program’ for each meeting shall:

  1. Send a reminder letter to the speaker four weeks before the meeting requesting mileage and bio information (forms are available in the club’s cupboard)
  2. Welcome and assist the speaker in setting up and taking down
  3. Presentation: one hour limit
  4. Introduce speaker
  5. Arrange for payment of stipend, mileage and replication
  6. Send a note of appreciation to the speaker

(Club stationery is available in the cupboard)

Host/Hostess: The Host/Hostess for the meeting shall:

  1. Obtain cupboard key from the Community Center front desk
  2. Hang name tags on door
  3. Fill coffee pot with water
  4. Set out cups, sugar, cream, spoons, napkins, etc.
  5. Meeting room entry table-
  6. Name tags and blank visitor tags and pen
  7. ‘Sign-in’ notebook and agendas
  8. Greet people as they enter; have them sign in
  9. Put things away and clean up
  10. Replenish supplies from monies collected for this purpose

Sunshine Committee: This committee shall be composed of three members responsible for sending cards to members who are in need of a note or card from the Garden Club. Cards will be sent for illness, surgeries, loss of a family member or milestone anniversaries and birthdays. Notes or cards will be sent at the discretion of the committee members. The club will budget for this committee’s expenses.

Finance Committee: This committee, chaired by the treasurer, shall, with the advice of the Board of Directors, develop a budget in February and present it to the membership at the February membership meeting.

Community Barrels Committee: This committee shall be composed of three or four members who shall:

  1. Be responsible for planting and maintaining the barrels
  2. Make arrangements with Ted Strand (218 820 3303) at the Crosslake City Maintenance Department for delivery of the barrels in the spring and pick-up/storage in the fall
  3. Work with Northwedge Nursery early in the season to reserve plants, soil needs and tend to the planting of the barrels
  4. Display signs by the barrels, pick them up at the end of the season and store them for the following year
  5. Coordinate a weekly schedule for club members to water, dead-head and fertilize the plants during the growing season

Plant Sale Committee: This committee, composed of three or four members, shall:

  1. Organize the plant sale for the purpose of raising funds necessary for the operation of the club.
  2. Encourage members to provide potted plants
  3. Select a site
  4. Select a date
  5. Provide information to the Publicity Committee for releases to newspapers, calendar announcements and flyers to be posted with local businesses
  6. Report to club members about progress
  7. Arrange for tables
  8. Provide cash boxes & seed money
  9. Designate cashiers, tally profits
  10. Provide duty-time sign-up sheet
  11. Provide pens, markers, post-it notes
  12. Display signs at strategic locations
  13. Take down and clean-up
  14. Report to club members at the following meeting

Membership Committee: This committee, chaired by the Treasurer, shall:

  1. Maintain a record of all members
  2. Report the names of new members to the secretary

Name Tag Committee: This committee shall make a name tag for each member, remove nametags of nonretrurning members; store them in the cupboard.

Historian Committee: This committee, consisting of two members, shall:

  1. Maintain a scrapbook of club activities, including:
    • Meetings
    • Tours
    • Plant sales
    • Special events
    • Photographs
    • Newspaper articles
    • Relevant correspondence
  2. Any other material suitable for historic purposes
  3. Take pictures at meetings and events
  4. Yearbooks
  5. Maintain receipts for items purchased; present them to the club treasurer by December 1st
  6. Display the scrapbook at monthly meetings
  7. The completed volumes shall be stored in the club’s cupboard in the Crosslake Community Center

Nominating Committee: This committee, chaired by the Immediate past-president, plus two other members, shall present a slate of officers at the August membership meeting to be voted on a the September meeting. The president and secretary are elected in even-numbered years; the vice-president and treasurer are elected in odd-numbered years.

Publicity Committee: This committee, consisting of one or two members, shall make the public aware of club activities. Meeting notices should appear in the Echo Brainerd Dispatch, and Northland Press. The newspapers need to be contacted two weeks prior to the Wednesday monthly meeting. Photos of special events are to be published when possible. To be included in notices is a contact name (first name only) and telephone number.

Yearbook Committee: This committee shall be composed of three or four members who will update, edit and publish yearbook information for the upcoming year to prepare it for printing. The yearbook shall be distributed at the December meeting and mailed to those not in attendance. A copy of pages six and seven are to be given to the Community Center front office indicating the dates we will be meeting there

Community Gardening Committee: This committee, consists of four or five members, will work with the community offering landscaping ideas, design function, planting tips, care and information about garden maintenance as needed. Information about projects, requests and possible actions will be shared with club members; participation will be welcome and voluntary.